The Authorized Dave Stevens Web Site

Welcome to The Authorized Dave Stevens Web Site! This is my humble effort to make more people aware of Dave Stevens and his beautiful artwork.

How did the web site come about?

It all started in 1986, when I began to read the new back-up story in the Norwegian comic book Fantomet. On page 32 a completely new world revealed itself to me — It was the world of Dave Stevens' beautiful artwork. I fell at once in love with his elegant inking lines, the '30s milieu, his good girl art, the inside jokes, and Betty (Thank you, Dave, for letting me discover Bettie Mae Page!). Fantomet published all the five chapters of the Rocketeer saga, but that was not enough for me. I wanted more... Much more! What else had Dave Stevens published? Where could I track it down? A new Dave Stevens collector was born...

Since then I have tried to get anything and everything that Dave Stevens has illustrated. This website shows everything that I got in my collection—so far...

Special Thanks

Dave Stevens, Jennifer Bawcum, Kelvin Mao, Greg Preston, and Rich Dannys.

The 1996 Web Site

For your amusement, here is an archived version of the 1996 website:

The 2006-2020 Web Site

In 2006 the website got a facelift, and the design was used until 2021. Here is the archived version of it: