The Rocketeer "First Flight" collectible coin!


Okkto has released their next officially licensed collectible coin celebrating the 40th Anniversary of The Rocketeer! Okkto has partnered with MacGuffin Goods to help them faithfully translate Dave Stevens's iconic art to a small metal canvas. This incredibly detailed 2" coin depicts Cliff Secord's fateful first flight as "The Rocketeer" at the Chaplin Airdrome on the front, and a tribute to his infamous "Blind Bulldog" plane on the back.

The coin is available in a regular gold edition, as well as a very limited grayscale and silver variant, recalling the black and white art as seen in the "Artist's Edition" of the comic! Both versions come in a black collectible box with gold / silver foil.

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Rocketeer Comic Puzzle


To help celebrate The Rocketeer's 40th Anniversary and first museum exhibit (showing at the Comic-Con Museum in San Diego from March 9th through July 31st), please join the estate of Dave Stevens in honoring his legacy by supporting this premium art puzzle, plus art prints and t-shirts.

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Officially licensed collectible Rocketeer coin️


OKKTO will be releasing their first officially licensed collectible coin️ celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Dave Stevens’ 'The Rocketeer' on Tuesday, February 8th, 2022 @ 9am PST!

At two inches in diameter, this premium hard enamel coin features the iconic “lightning” cover from 'The Rocketeer Adventure Magazine #1' on the front, a 3D rendition of Dave's original artwork on the back, and dual-plated antique gold and silver metal throughout. To top it all off, the coin comes packaged in a commemorative gold foil box!

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