Info Cinefantastique Updated: 27 Jan 2002
August 1991
Art, Interview, Photo
Rocketeer, Comic Book Origins, Comic Book Director, Comando Cody Revisited, Flying the Rocketeer, Comic Book Stardom, Heroes 'R' Us, Betty Page, Vintage Airplanes, The South Seas Club, Production Design illustrated with artwork from The Rocketeer, Rocketeer & Betty, and photos from the movie. Photo of Dave Stevens and Bill Campbell at the movie set.
ISSN: 0145-6032
Cinefantastique Magazine Vol. 22, No. 1 cover art is copyright © 1991 David Voigt. The Rocketeer is a trademark of Dave Stevens. All other material TM and © 1991 Cinefantastique. All rights reserved.

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